Sasha Bliss, photographer

When hiring a professional photographer for non-commercial work (example: family and individual portraits that are not to be used commercially), what are you paying for? 

Talent and vision of the photographer. 

Years of experience your chosen photographer has invested into their skill. 

Length of the photoshoot. 

Amount of photos taken and the intensity of the event. Example: a wedding with 500 guests where no moment may be missed versus a one person photoshoot in a calm setting. 

Amount of hours that will be spent editing your photos. 

Use of equipment, correspondence, travel time and other costs. 

Photography and editing of images are my love letters to the people I meet on my path. I approach my work with tremendous respect and place all my efforts into the creation of the best results possible. 

Looking forward to photographing you and yours (family, colleagues, and others).

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